Instructions to the Authors

A. General information

CES-wgp3 uses the EasyChair free conference management system for abstract submission. To access the wgp3 abstract submission web site, you should first obtain an EasyChair account as instructed below. All abstracts will be reviewed by the wgp3 Program Committee and an acceptance notification will be sent to the corresponding author(s) by the specified date. 

B. Abstract Preparation Guidelines

The authors should use the Microsoft Word template provided (please select one of the .docx or .doc formats depending on your version of Microsoft Office).The abstracts should be strictly up to 1-page long, including the title, names and affiliations of all co-authors, the body of the abstract, acknowledgments and up to 3 references if deemed necessary.The abstracts can be submitted as docx or doc format.

C. Guidelines for the Abstract Submission to the EasyChair system

Step 1: Apply for an EasyChair account at the EasyChair website

( If you have used the EasyChair system before, skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Log into the wgp3 abstract submission web site, using your EasyChair user name and password.

Step 3: Click on the “New Submission” link on the top-left corner of the menu.

Step 4: Select the submission group to which the presenting author belongs: "graduate student" or "post doc".

Step 5: Select the wgp3 topic(s) to which you want to submit your abstract. Note that there are four (4) research topics in this workshop, namely “Nanotechnology/Advanced Materials”, “Energy”, “Environment” and “Biosciences/Biotechnology”, you may select multiple topics if your work fits in more than one.

Step 6: Fill in the names, affiliations, postal and email addresses of all co-authors and indicate the presenting and corresponding authors. All these fields are mandatory.

Step 7: Paste in the provided text areas the title and abstract of your contribution. Please, notice that only plain (ASCII) text is accepted in those fields.

Step 8: Select the appropriate checkboxes to indicate whether the Program Committee could consider the abstract into alternative thematic area(s), if deemed necessary according to the conference organization.

Step 9: Provide at least 3 and up to 5 representative keywords for your contribution. If more than 5 keywords are entered, the Program Committee will consider the first five to be included in the final form of your abstract.

Step 10: Upload your abstract (in .doc or .docx format according to the attached template) and click submit before midnight of the submission deadline. The system will automatically close after this time.

Step 11: Until midnight of the submission deadline, if you need to make any modifications you may re-enter the wgp3 abstract submission site and replace the uploaded abstract file. The last submitted abstract file will be taken into consideration for review.

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